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W-M: Pixel Icon Batch 2 by Tranquilerin W-M: Pixel Icon Batch 2 :icontranquilerin:Tranquilerin 17 27 W-M: Pixel Icon Batch 1 by Tranquilerin W-M: Pixel Icon Batch 1 :icontranquilerin:Tranquilerin 20 31 Witch Market: Spring End Dance by Tranquilerin Witch Market: Spring End Dance :icontranquilerin:Tranquilerin 17 9 The Rose Garden by Tranquilerin The Rose Garden :icontranquilerin:Tranquilerin 19 5 Agnesca in Wonderland by Tranquilerin Agnesca in Wonderland :icontranquilerin:Tranquilerin 22 12 Rem Fanart by Tranquilerin Rem Fanart :icontranquilerin:Tranquilerin 11 1 Witch Market: Bella by Tranquilerin Witch Market: Bella :icontranquilerin:Tranquilerin 17 6
The Glass That Separates Me From Her
          Staring at the pitch black darkness of the room as I was once again observing her sleep as the night deepens. The usual rustling of the leaves gave out quite an ominous sound as the shadows of the braches and leaves danced their waltz with the wind as I found this quite unnerving, and from time to time I know she feels the same way. She would open her eyes, look at the window, get scared and cover herself with her blanket. I chuckled at her little antic of responding to fear as she was already past her childhood but she still has her childlike ways and as I did so she peeked at me through the blanket as she might have heard me or maybe not as she proceeded to sleeping once again.
          I can still remember the time when I first saw her; she was four or five by then. She and her dad where walking by our isle, her eyes sparkled at the sight of the stuffed animals that surrounded her. I smiled brightly as I have never before
:icontranquilerin:Tranquilerin 0 1
Witch market (headshots) by Tranquilerin Witch market (headshots) :icontranquilerin:Tranquilerin 17 10 .:Commission:. Nicole by Tranquilerin .:Commission:. Nicole :icontranquilerin:Tranquilerin 2 1 [Witch-Market]: Bella (pixel icon) by Tranquilerin [Witch-Market]: Bella (pixel icon) :icontranquilerin:Tranquilerin 12 4 [Witch-Market]: Sylvia (pixel icon) by Tranquilerin [Witch-Market]: Sylvia (pixel icon) :icontranquilerin:Tranquilerin 11 4 [Witch-Market]: Ginger (pixel icon) by Tranquilerin [Witch-Market]: Ginger (pixel icon) :icontranquilerin:Tranquilerin 11 2 [Witch-Market]: Farren (pixel icon) by Tranquilerin [Witch-Market]: Farren (pixel icon) :icontranquilerin:Tranquilerin 12 2 [Witch-market]: Micah (pixel icon) by Tranquilerin [Witch-market]: Micah (pixel icon) :icontranquilerin:Tranquilerin 12 4 [Witch-Market] Weekly Challenge by Tranquilerin [Witch-Market] Weekly Challenge :icontranquilerin:Tranquilerin 17 17



Tranquilerin has started a donation pool!
2,248 / 3,500

*You can pay for commissions here; or
If you just like my art , feel free to donate some points^^

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Hi~! Been using watercolors lately so I thought of opening commissions this will be my first commission journal about traditional art since I usually do pixel art ヽ(´▽`)/

Star!BUST SHOTS: 200Points, only 1 character per drawing 


Star!HALF-BODY WITH A SIMPLE BACKGROUND: 300Points / Only 1 character per drawing with a simple background like the examples 

New beginnings by TranquilerinDon't go... by Tranquilerin

Star!HALF-BODY WITH A COMPLEX BACKGROUND: 400Points / Only 1 character per drawing with a complex background like the examples 

*include within the form the desired background or the idea for the background and I will tell you it can be done or not 

 A starry night with you by TranquilerinRin Kagimine by Tranquilerin
.:AT:. Runa by Tranquilerin

▶▶How To Order◀◀

★ Make sure you agree to the Terms And Conditions listed bellow and comment on this journal with the following information.

Please do NOT note me... I tend to forget stuff often so please just COMMENT below the following ∩˙▿˙∩

Type of Commission:
Character's name:
Character's reference: 
Mood: (Optional):

Background (only for commission that has a complex background, I will tell you if I can or cannot do what you ask)

★ Once approved, I will set up a commission widget for you where you can pay for the commission. PLEASE DO NOT SEND THE POINTS THROUGH DONATION ∩˙▿˙∩
★ Please remember to send payment no later than 48 hours or your request will be cancelled. 

▶▶Will Draw◀◀

♥ ONLY GIRLS for now...
♡ Cute boys can be an exemption though it still depending on the character design 

▶▶Won't Draw◀◀

♥ Boy characters

♥ Anthro / Furry 
♥ Animals in general
♥ Mecha
♥ Extra limbs
♥ One-eyed species 

▶▶Terms And Conditions◀◀

☆ Please contact me and send references of your character before paying for a commission.

☆ I will show a WIP only if asked 

☆ Payment must be made beforehand (I will not start your commission until payment has been made).
☆ Prices are non negotiable. 

☆ There will be no refunds after commission has been paid and written on the list. No exceptions.
☆ Only commission if you don't mind waiting a few days or even a few weeks.
☆ Please make sure you like my style before requesting a commission. I cannot work in another artist's style.

☆ I deserve the right to turn down a commission if I feel I might not be able to complete it. Please don't be offended if that happens.

▶▶Slots ◀◀


Edit 4/26/2017:
- Updated some of the prices (lowered them down ^^)
- Brought Headshot Icons back~

 Purple butterfly bullet IconsPurple butterfly bullet 

Bottled Icon

45 Points 
if you'll commission this specific style please add what you want the bottle to be colored :D
.:C:. Autumn by Tranquilerin
C: Talen by TranquilerinC: Mika by TranquilerinCom: Cheeb by TranquilerinCom: Yasuo by Tranquilerin

Icon Commission by TranquilerinPixel--Neko by TranquilerinCommission for iinfiniteme by TranquilerinTokane (bottled icon) by TranquilerinSophie (bottled icon) by Tranquilerin

C: Sunslash by TranquilerinC: Link by TranquilerinMayaio-chan by TranquilerinHeath (bottled icon) by Tranquilerin

Headshot Icon

80 Points 
*Name is optional, you can ask if you can have something written or not ^^
New icon style? by Tranquilerin Alice and Oz: Free Icon by Tranquilerin  

Requested icon batch by TranquilerinCP: Linda Midorine by TranquilerinCP: Hanayo by Tranquilerin

Heath by Tranquilerin North park- Sophie by Tranquilerin Tokane by Tranquilerin Com: Vyxen by Tranquilerin Com: Summerchanlovesyou by Tranquilerin 

Sitting Icon
80 Points 
*if you want any additional animations you might have to add some extra points for it
(ex. tail or ears moving,  background)

Laylah Nightbelle Icon by Tranquilerin  Shinku [free to use icon] by Tranquilerin   Hinaichigo [free to use icon] by Tranquilerin   Suiseiseki [free to use icon] by Tranquilerin   Mafu icon by Tranquilerin 

.:CE:. Heart Bunny by Tranquilerin   .:CE:. Luna by Tranquilerin Agnesca (pixel) by Tranquilerin [Witch-Market]: Sylvia (pixel icon) by Tranquilerin[Witch-Market]: Bella (pixel icon) by Tranquilerin
 [Witch-market]: Micah (pixel icon) by Tranquilerin [Witch-Market]: Farren (pixel icon) by Tranquilerin Giovanni by Tranquilerin 
Jonah by TranquilerinSerafina by Tranquilerin

Platina by Tranquilerin  Sousuke by Tranquilerin Yuna by Tranquilerin Evelynn by TranquilerinTranquilerin Icon by Tranquilerin

New  Kaze Icon
125 Points 

Kaito [free to use icon] by Tranquilerin Hatsune Miku [free to use icon] by Tranquilerin Len Kagimine [free to use icon] by Tranquilerin Rin Kagimine [free to use icon] by Tranquilerin 

Arrow left Arrow leftHow to commission an icon? Arrow right Arrow right 

Just Comment below in this form:

 What kind of icon?
 Link to Character Reference 
 Name of the character (optional)

Purple butterfly bullet Pixel Doll Purple butterfly bullet 

Sitting Doll
150 Points 
*if you want any additional animations you might have to add some extra points for it
(ex. tail or ears moving, etc)

com: Mafu by Tranquilerin.:CE:. Bun by TranquilerinCom: Mandalorianchick92 Pixel Doll by Tranquilerin
.:C:. Jingles by Tranquilerin
Tokane (pixel doll) by Tranquilerin
Leon Kai Pixel doll by Tranquilerin.:C:. Misa by Tranquilerin

Standing Doll
150 Points 
*if you want any additional animations you might have to add some extra points for it
(ex. tail or ears moving, etc)

Agnesca (pixel doll) by TranquilerinCalciferkit [gift] by TranquilerinCom: MKCP Pixel doll by Tranquilerin
Asuna: Free Page Doll by TranquilerinHeath (pixel doll) by Tranquilerin
Lazarus by Tranquilerin

New Purple butterfly bullet Pixel Couple DollPurple butterfly bullet 

New Sleeping Couple Doll
250 Points 

Sleeping twins by Tranquilerin

New Sitting Couple Doll
250 Points 

Snow Fairy Story pixel doll by Tranquilerin

Arrow left Arrow left How to commission a pixel Couple doll? Arrow right Arrow right 

Fill in the form and comment below :
 Style of the doll
 Link to Character References
 Name of the characters (optional)
 Extra animations? (Moving ears or tails, etc.)

 Please pay me beforehand

 Don't send in points until I confirm
 Credit is greatly appreciated
 Please give me a clear reference
 Please be patient with me TT^TT (I'm still in school so yeah QAQ)


W-M: Pixel Icon Batch 2
:iconwitch-market: :iconwitch-market: :iconwitch-market:

A little gift for our new members Hatsune Miku-13 (Wink and Heart) though it's already a bit late but Welcome to the group Kaori Fujimiya (Total Shyness) [V1] Marry Kozakura (Embarrassed blush) [V9] 
will be posting up the others soon~
I'm thinking of completing all the witch market residents so I just hope I finish Hatsune Miku-14 (Teehee) 

very out of topic but I finally have enough money to buy Agnesca that big 'ol fancy tree house *throws confetti everywhere*GIF Star vs. the Forces of Evil -  Dance 

Currency Calculation:
Pixel work (small): (200 G x 9)

Total: 1800 G

Current Balance: (9600 G + 1800 G) = 11, 400 G

Art © :icontranquilerin: 
Characters (From left to right)
Anna © :iconmew-ichigo31:
Coco © :iconwhianem:
Aloe © :iconkatethepikachu:
Chiruha © :iconalphano88:
Celeste © :iconfallencelestrian:
Titania © :iconelite-handcuffs:
Celesto © :iconshelberth:
Donovan © :iconchibi-moni:
Rudy© :iconrinselli:

the individual icons can be found here: Ene (Smile) [V7] 
First batch:
W-M: Pixel Icon Batch 1
:iconwitch-market: :iconwitch-market: :iconwitch-market:

Decided to continue making pixel icons for this group OMG MOAR POEMS!  Really missed making pixel icons  
I thought of just submitting these by batch so that I won't spam the group folder with me submitting them one by one XD
I'm really sorry if I somehow butchered your babus Racing Girl Emoji (You meanie) [V2] 
Will be posting the next batch as soon as I finish which will be of our new member's babus Hatsune Miku-17 (Waving) Hatsune Miku-17 (Waving) 

Currency Calculation:
Pixel work (small): (200 G x 9)

Total: 1800 G

Current Balance: (7800 G + 1800 G) = 9600 G

Art © :icontranquilerin: 
Characters (From left to right)
Yuna © :iconharmpink456:
Jonah © :iconvoid-punk:
Giovanni © :iconairillia:
Leila © :iconriiahime:
Sousuke © :iconrue-mint:
Serafina © :iconsternprinz:
Platina © :iconriice-san:
Evelynn © :iconkupokakes:
Pearl © :iconjustalittlebattie:

the individual icons can be found here: Ene (Smile) [V7] 
Second Batch:
Witch Market: Spring End Dance
 :iconwitch-market:  :iconwitch-market:  :iconwitch-market: 

"At this festival everyone is wearing pretty spring like dresses and outfits with bright colors that should welcome the warm season, especially the summer that is also going to be there soon. During day time there are flower petals flying around while everyone is having fun dancing and enjoying some time together, while during evening when it's getting darker pretty lights are shining to people are able to continue the fun until the night time. Join this Festival along with everyone and make some great memories, even with your special someone. e v e //wiggles."

Really excited about this event QvQ 
My scanner is currently unavailable so I had to use my phone to take a picture so I apologize if the quality is not so good with this one along with my future posts T^T

Currency Calculation:
Fullbody - 300G

Detailed Shading - 150G
Meme Bonus - 100G

Total: 550 G

Current Balance:(7250 G + 550 G) = 7800 G

Character: :icontranquilerin:
Art: :icontranquilerin:

6 deviations


Tranquilerin's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Uhm..., first of all I would like to thank you for stopping by my page and that I hope you enjoyed stopping by ≧﹏≦

Here I usually post pixel art and digital art but initially I am a Traditional artist... I want to be able to get better in digital art so please bear with ●▽●

In real life I am quite weird or awkward when it comes to talking with people especially new ones so I apologize in advance if I seem that way but I really am working hard to approach people 〒▽〒
So I would really be happy if we could be friends (′~`●)

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